Dermacare(R) Laser & Skin Care Clinics

                                                          Carl Mudd is the managing member of Dermacare LLC

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Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics: The most successful Physician-based National Aesthetic Franchise system...EVER.


A Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinic



We spent many years & millions of dollars developing and perfecting the Dermacare® Laser & Skin Care Clinic® Franchise and Licensing system. We opened over 37 practices in diverse national and international markets to outstanding initial and ongoing success. The foundations of the system are Best-in class technology, Physician ownership, outstanding Branding; Dermacare® (Safety Results Value) and mastery of virtually every type of Marketing vehicle, including social, internet, print, electronic, PR, Branding, calls to action.

For Marketing Management systems, optimal training, demographic targeting, predicable return on investment for each marketing dollar spent, obtaining the lowest cost for each marketing vehicle. We offer this marketing expertise through APEX Medical Marketing Consulting.

We now provide any or all of these areas of marketing expertise to new and existing practices. If your practice’s entire marketing structure is in need of improvement, we can expertly, efficiently, and cost effectively provide that assistance. If any specific area of your practice’s marketing is in need of attention, we can address and perfect that specific area(s).

We offer franchise & licensing models for start-up Laser & Skin Care practices, Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Skin Care practices, and for existing practices where a laser / skincare / cosmetic surgery component is added as a new and substantial profit center. 

We also offer the opportunity for world class branding; the “name only” use of the Dermacare’s large body of national & international Trademarks & Registrations, including “Dermacare®” and its inclusion or combining with any other names, words, and/or phrases, which require authorization for use, for a minimal annual fee. This fee is for use of the marks only; other areas of support are available on fee basis.







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